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Doc Astounding


Doc Astounding was once the man known as Dr. Hank Steele, a brilliant scientist. He was fired from Patriot City University for persisting his research in gravity alteration, which he believed would save humanity by allowing them easy access to outer space. As the college dean was more interested in money-earning inventions and having an famous professor to give lectures, he was fired, and, using the last of his money from a successful invention of the past, set up a laboratory and research station, under the name of Liberty Inc.

When he found a mysterious canister outside his door, he took it with him to study. The cannister contained Energy X, which soon burst, enveloping him and his gravity-altering invention and imbuing him with the abilities of his nearly complete machine.

He adapted a prototype space suit to contain his powers, and, taking to the streets as a superhero, soon met Goo, The Rogue, and The Jester. Together, they formed Liberty Inc., using the name of his planned research company, and defeated many villians which also arose in the city of Liberty Bay.

Powers and Abilities

Doc Astounding has the ability to manipulate and alter gravity of both himself and others. He can incapacitate foes by making them heavy, throwing them into the air, and crushing them with a massive gravity surge.

His powers are even greater when used on himself. He can alter his mass so as to pass through solid objects. By altering his density, he can become stronger and slower, or lighter and heavier. Because he tends to use some of his power subconsiously, he also has what amounts to unusual strength and endurance.

His greatest weakness is a mental one. Rather than try to learn to control his powers, he instead re-designed a suit to control them for him. Without the suit, his powers are uncontrollable. The suit is not really necessary, however, as we would have an even greater amount of control over them if he learned to use them naturally, but his scientific mind can't concieve of such a simple solution to a problem.


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