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Botanist Rex Tyler always loved plants, expecially rare and unusual ones. On this day, as on many days, he was examining a set of plants with unusual defense menchanism.

There was the Polonesian Pontis, which could shoot a cloud of chocking pollen, and the Blow Dart Lilie, which was flint darks at predators, among others. A blast of Energy X bound Rex to his beloved plants, giving him many of their characteristics, and giving him a plant-like body and leaves for hair. Inspired by Liberty Inc., he took the name Floro and became another defender of the city.

Powers and Abilities

Floro has various plant-abilities derived from his rare plant collections. He can shoot thorns from his hand, emit clouds of noxious pollen, and cause plant material to grow or appear even on unlikely surfaces. He also has an abnormal level of healing and can recover from injuries which would be certain death for anyone, even regenerating body parts, or even a large portion of his body, although extensive damage would take months, to fully recover from.

The wood like tissues his body are now composed of are quite hardy, but extremely vulnerable to fire.