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The Rogue


Professor Ashton was an intelligent, if boring, elderly professor of Medieval Literature. He was obsessed by everything medieval, even teaching himself fencing so he could be more like the men of old. He favorite character was always Robin Hood.

One day, he saw what looked like a chance to finally be a hero. As he was shopping in a local convienance store, two thugs attempted to rob the cash register. Drawing his fencing sword, which he carried with him everywhere, he attacking the thugs--and was on the floor in seconds. As one of his students, also in the store, ran to his defense, both were struck by a stray bolt of Energy X, estoring his youth and strength, and turning his old sword into something extraordinary. After disabling the thugs, he become a costumed crimfighter known only as The Rogue.

To his astonishment, the student began to follow him around and announced that she was his sidekick. Not knowing what else to do, he accepted her. After a run-in with Doc Astounding, in which he and Jester were mistaken as villains, he become one of the founding members of Liberty Inc.

Powers and Abilities

Rogues powers are physical. He has greatly enhanced strength, endurance, and agility. He is capable of jumping distances and keeping his ballance no matter what the situation. His unimpressive sword skills have also been somehow enhanced, making him one of the world's best swordsmen, even with an ordinary sword.

His own sword however, has seemingly recieved powers of its own, although they only seem to work for him. It responds almost independently of his arm are times, giving him the appearance of having a superhuman level of accurracy and skill when wielding it. It also seems to make of an unbreakable variety of the steel it was originally made of and has been known to cut through 6 inch thick steel on at least one occasion. Its cutting ability, however, is not consistent, but seems to vary based on The Rogue's mood, need, and desparation.


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