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White Lightning


Whhltgg was a member of the Zzzvvzsz rebellion against The Dominion. While they took their inspiration from Freedom Force and Earth, they had no supply of Energy X, which put them at a great disadvantage against Dominion troops. Zzzvvzszist scientists, however, found a way to enhance their race's normal propensity for electricity to give them powers of their own.

One of the rebellion's leaders, a young female named Whhltgg, became one of the first volunteers to undergo the enhancements and was soon assigned to be an ambassador to Lord Dominion's general, a creature so evil he was named after the Earth monster Grendal.

Rather than listening to the peace offer, Grendal captured the entire delegation and made Whhltgg his own personal slave even as he brutally crushed the rebellion and re-enslaved her people.

When Grendal was given the assignment to infiltrate Earth, he took Whhltgg with him. As they approached Earth, Whhltgg managed to disable the ship's cloak with a burst of electricity, even though the slave collar nearly killed her in response. Her sacrifice allow Mentor to shoot down Grendal's vessel.

The ship crashed down in the city of Liberty Bay, raining the ship's cargo of Energy X upon the city. Whhltgg, barely conscious, saw Grendal collapse, apparently dead, before she became unconsious herself and was captured by The Hawk and Coppertop. Liberty Inc., escourted by Mentor and looking for Grendal, found and rescued her. White Lightning, the closest they could get to pronouncing her name, quickly became one of Liberty Inc.'s greatest heroes.

Powers and Abilities

White Lighting, like all of her race, is composed of a crystalline substance which naturally produces a light electrical current. This enables her race to absorb and release the electricity present in Zzzvvzsz's atmosphere safely.

These traits have been maginified by her people's scientists. She is now capable of expelling tremendous amount of electricity as powerful lightning bolts. The elctro-magnetic energy also permits her to fly, although the exact means of propulsion is unknown.

Her crystalline nature, however, makes her succeptible to strong vibrations of any kind, including certain sounds. As a result, she stays far away from team-mate Big Ben.


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