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Mighty Mercury


Vince Reynolds was just visiting his dad at the bank where he worked one day, when his father gave him a present. It was a strange looking rod that he found, shaped vaguely like the legendary caedecus. Unknown to both, it actually was the original caedecus, which had been passed down through many hands throughout the ages.

As the two were walking outside the offices, they stumbled right into a bank robbery. The robbers grabbed Vince's dad, threatening him and telling him to open the safe. Although he would never understand why, Vince found himself uttering the words "Mighty Mercury." Immediately, there was a loud thunderclap, and where Vince once was, there was now Mercury, messenger of the gods, and master of speed.

Mercury easily disarmed the robbers and afterwords disappeared, leaving Vince in his place.

Vince now found that he could summon Mercury at any time by holding the caedecus and saying the words "Mighty Mercury." The next time he summoned Mercury, it was to follow a suspicious vehicle. Mercury found a heist in progress and his old acquaintance Odysseus fighting a band of criminals. After defeating the robbers, Mercury accepted Odysseus's invitation to join Liberty Inc. Exactly why he would do so, or what he's doing back on the mortal plane in the first place, is as yet unknown. The only clue to be had is his cryptic comment to Odysseus on their meeting, that as messenger of the gods, he had a message to deliver at the proper time, and that Odysseus and his message were both part of the same plan.

Powers and Abilities

The caedecus links Mighty Mercury and Vince together, allowing them to read each other's thoughts, although each can control what the other is allowed to know. This allows Mercury to appear fully aware of the sitation. While the two do not, strictly speaking, share the same body, Mercury can only appear for extended periods of time by switching places with Vince, as the gods now exist in a separate dimension and are ordinarily unable to appear on our world for more than a few minutes of time unaided by some outside power.

As messenger to the gods, Mercury is capable of incredible speed, although he seems to be not nearly so fast as the ancient legends indicate. Whether this is because he is weakened by being in the mortal realm, or some other reason, no one is certain. He also has some skill in magic, although it seems rather less than would be expected for a god.

The caedecus itself is a powerful artifact which Mercury is able to tap into, capable of healing, turning objects and people temporarily into gold, and many other wonders. While, in theory, Vince could use it as well, Mercury is far more skilled in its use, and seems to aborb the caedecus and its powers when he appears.


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