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Julia Williams was just an ordinary teenager living in an ordinary, middle class home, until one night, was was awakened by an electric jolt and a strange purple light. Waking up, she found to her horror, that her room was engulfed in flames. She found, much to her surprise, that the flames did not hurt her. In fact, she felt a kinship with them, as if she belonged.

To her further anstonishment, some of the flames gathered themselves together into a humanoid shape and spoke to her. The firey form announced itself as the Keeper of Flame and told Julia that she was to be the next keeper of the Sacred Flame. With that announcement, the room swelled up in an unspeakably bright blaze, and she awoke to find herself still in her room, with no fire or sign or damage.

No fire, that is, except for a small flame in the corner of her bed that never burned out or spread. By touching the flame, she found that she could transform into a Keeper of Flame herself, gaining great powers.

Powers and Abilities

As the Keeper of Flame, or Pyre, as she is more commonly known in this form, Julia is capable of controlling the mystic fires in various ways. This allows her to create and control a firey aura around herself, as well as creating walls and cages of mystic flame.

The fire's mystical nature allows it to be used to bring healing to mind, body, and spirit alike. Very few negative states can resist its cleansing power.

The flames are also capable of taking on lives of their own, become fierce explosive Fire Elementals for brief periods of time.

Her powers are, however, limited by the powers of the Mystic Flame. Other magic can counter them, and, if used too much, her flames will burn themselves out, leaving her as just plain Julia for a time.

Even as Julia, however, the Mystic Flame still gives her limited protection, allowing her to project small, but precise, amounts of flame, and giving her incredible healing abilities. Using any of these abilities, however, drains the Flame's powers, making her unable to transform back into Pyre until the Flame has had a chance to recharge itself.