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Iron Hide


Max Morgan was a simple, hardworking man who had, through his kind words and generosity, taught his fellow construction workers to look past the color of his skin and see him for the man that he was. He was happy and content with his job, wife, and family until one day changed everything.

He was ballancing on the beams and girders of a new building, putting down bolts, when he saw a mysterious purple canister stuck on a beam nearby. Walking over to it, he had just picked it up, when he was surprized by angry voices below.

There were two strange figures, human, but with scaley skin and reptile eyes, who were demanding protection money from Max's boss. As he was listening, a shift in his weight gave him away, and one of the reptilian thugs fired.

The shot caused him to lose his ballance, dropping the canister on the beam beside him. Instantly, he was hit with a burst of Energy X, causing the beams and metal nearby to bend and wrap around his body. As this was happening, he fell to the ground, but instead of dying, his now-metallic body merely hit with a loud clang. Rising to confront the reptilians, he found that he could manipulate the iron bolts and pins all around them and hurl them at his foes. They quickly ran off, leaving his boss and the construction company safe.

He was dubbed "Iron Hide" by his co-workers, and, choosing the life of a hero, attempted to track down the reptilian's boss. Following a lead, he found the city under attack by clone dinosaurs, and Liberty Bay in pursuit. He joined the team imediately, and has been a valued team member ever since.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Hide's body is completely encased in an iron second skin. This makes him impervious to much damage and seems to grant him unlimited stamina as well. While his strength is normal for a muscular man in his prime, his metal fists are much more effective than the average man's.

The magnetic nature of the iron he was bonded with has also given him the power to manipulate magnetic fields. This ability is somewhat hard to control, but seems to be increasing very rapidly. What the upper limits of his magnetic powers can be, no one can yet say.

His greatest weakness is his slow speed and clumsyness, caused by the thick skin of iron which is now part of him. His lack of control of his magnetic powers can also be somewhat of a liability at times, but that is likely to change as he becomes more skilled at its use.


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