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What is Liberty Bay?

Liberty Bay is a fictional universe set within the universe of Freedom Force, a tactical superhero strategy game with RPG elements. It takes place within the city of Liberty Bay, which is located the next state or two over from Patriot City, the city in which Freedom Force takes place. While there is a mod coming out, Liberty Bay is not just a mod, it is universe in which Silver Age heroes and villains can be freely created and added to the officialy gallery. New heroes, villains, and henchmen will be added here as they are contributed.

As will be seen in the mod, Liberty Bay became a haven for heroes and villians when Mentor shot down one of Lord Dominion's generals, Grendel, as he was trying to sneak onto Earth with a load of Energy X. As a result, Liberty bay has its own heroes and villians. It is also home to Freedom Force's counterpart, Liberty Inc., lead by the scientific genius and gravity-manipulating superhero Doc Astounding.

What is the mod like?

The Liberty Bay mod is for FFvTTR and will be a full-length campaign. It will be approximately the length of the original campaign and will be slightly harder. Becuase it is much harder than the FFvTTR campaign, it is recommended that you play it on Normal, unless you're a glutton for punishment.

The mod tells the story of how Energy X came to Liberty Bay and of the formation of Liberty Inc and its eventual triumph over a cosmic thread. It intentionally parallels the original Freedom Force campaign, but has an original story and a unique cast of characters, with twists and turns that are very different to the official campaigns.

The mod also features Dr. Mike's FFX 3.1, which allows our characters to possess abilities not supported by the original game. This also allows us to custom tailor AI for some of our villians, so don't expect the normally wimpy AI behavior that you've probably gotten used to.

How do I submit my own characters?

Go to Freedom Reborn or New Power Inc. and start a thread proposing a character, if there isn't one already. If its a good idea, you might be able to get someone to skin you character or work with you on the hero file. It needs to be a Silver Age hero, though. Heroes that feel more like another era won't be accepted, for now.